Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
1301 Newport Avenue, Northampton, PA
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Confession Appointments and Liturgy Registration

Holy Confession: Our Heirarchs have indicated that all parishioners must receive the sacrament of Holy Confession prior to receiving Holy Communion. Father Oleg has scheduled general confessions immediately after Vespers on the first Saturday of each month. Father will also hear confession by appointment on Saturdays.

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Attendance at any Liturgy: If you wish to attend a liturgy, you must sign up by 7:00 PM the evening before the liturgy. Currently, registration is limited to 40 participants. NOTE:  If you have signed up but cannot attend the service, please edit your sign up so the slot will be open for someone else.

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Great Vespers:  If you wish to attend a Vespers service you must sign up by 7:00 PM Friday. Currently, registration is limited to 40 participants. 

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Congratulations are in order for:

Our school graduates of this year, Andrew Semenovych and Sabrina Ost. May the Lord give them the strength and the abilities to start and finish their college education and enter the professions they for which they are called!


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If it's necessary for you to receive the Sacrament of Communion at your home, please call Father Oleg at (732) 507-2274


Welcome to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church!

We are a parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA under the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and our doors and hearts are open to you and your family!  Our church follows the Julian (Old) Calendar. All Orthodox Christians are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Blessed Sacraments of Repentance and Eucharist.  See the bulletin tab for all liturgical information regarding feasts and commemorations.

Do you love God and desire a deeper union in Him through Christ?  Are you moved by the beauty of traditional architecture, iconography, and liturgy?  Do you love to experience warm, family-friendly fellowship, to hear good music and Christ-centered preaching, to participate in enriching adult education and to offer the same to your children?  If so, then "Come and See" us!  It would be a blessing if you could visit us and we encourage you to come back as often as you can.  Perhaps you will find our parish to be your spiritual home!

We are located at 1301 Newport Avenue in Northampton, Pennsylvania.

Visit the 360° Virtual Tour of our church by opening the "360 Virtual Tour" page.  It is a fully immersive, sharable virtual reality tour of our church building. Enjoy  a glimpse of the beauty and majesty within our church.

Greeters for the month:  Margaret Leindecker, John Hnatow, Karen Osmun, Alex Semenovych, Lesya Semenovych, Mike Hnatow

Still Important, but not NEW:

  • Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Oleg!!! 🎓🎓🎓 for receiving his Masters of Divinity from St Sophia's Seminary (PHOTOS)
  • Baptism and Chrismation of Fr Oleg and Pani Olha's daughter Elizabeth (PHOTOS)



1 Cor. 1:18-24 Jn. 19, 6-11, 13-20, 25-28, 30-35
8:30 AM Third & Sixth Hours
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy (restriction of 40 people; also available Online).

For The Seventeenth Week After Pentecost

Mon. 28 Sept. Great-martyr Nicetas the Goth (372). Martyrs Theodotus, Asclepiodotus, and Maximus of Adrianopolis (305-311).
Eph. 1:22-2:3 Mk. 10:46-52

Tue. 29 Sept. Great-martyr Euphemia the All-praised, of Chalcedon (304). St. Sebastiana Repose of St. Cyprian, metropolitan of Kyiv (1406).
Eph. 2:19-3:7 Mk. 11:11-23

Wed. 30 Sept. Martyrs Sophia and her three daughters: Faith (Vira), Hope (Nadia), and Love (Lyubov), at Rome (137).
Eph. 3:8-21 Mk. 11:23-26

Thu. 01 Oct. Ven. Eumenes, bishop of Gortyna (7th c.). Martyr Ariadne of Phrygia (2nd c.). Martyrs Sophia and Irene of Egypt (3rd c.).
Eph. 4:14-19 Mk. 11:27-33

Fri. 02 Oct. Martyr Zosimas, hermit of Cilicia (4th c.). and his children Sts. David and Constantine. Blessed Ihor, Prince of Chernihiv (1147).
Eph. 4:17-25 Mk. 12:1-12

Sat. 03 Oct. Great-martyr Eustathius (Eustace), Holy Martyr Michael and his councilor Theodore, wonderworkers of Chernihiv (1245), St. Oleg of Bryansk.
1 Cor. 14:20-25 Mt. 25:1-13
5:00 PM Great Vespers and Common Confession

Sun. 04 Oct. Apostle Quadratus of the Seventy (130). Uncovering of the relics (1752) of St. Demetrius, metropolitan of Rostov (+1709).
2 Cor. 6:16–7:1 Мt. 15:21-28
8:30 AM Third & Sixth Hours
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy (restriction of 40 people; also available Online).