Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
1301 Newport Avenue, Northampton, PA
Pierogies 2018 Events

Made by the Sisterhood of Faith Hope and Love

of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church

at 1301 Newport Avenue, Northampton, PA 18067

Ring Bomb Party Fundraiser
Food Bank

See pics of incredible Food Bank volunteers below!!!
Margaret Leindecker, Gabriel Sawarynski, Melanie Unger, Paul Kochenash, Helen Crayosky, Kathleen Crayosky. Also thanks to Isabel Sawarynski, Bettyann Woyewoda, Janet Woyewoda, Howard Winters, Linda Winters. Many thanks to parishioners who make monetary and item donations! 


There continues to be a dire need for foodstuffs to assist our neighbors.  As you know, our parish’ remit from the food bank is to contribute baby-food, but any other non-perishables will be accepted gladly. There is a cupboard for the collection of donations in the church hall.

Needed food items: canned meats, beef stew, coffee, syrup, jello/pudding, applesauce, rice (everything). Our church is responsible for baby food (clients are able to take as much baby food as possible).  There is a cupboard for the collection of donations in the church hall.

Donations of money and holiday meats are always appreciated.  All non-perishable items are appreciated.

For  more information, visit

Martha Dowling has coupons for sale at $25.00, $50.00, $100.00. 5% of the profits will go to the church.

REDNER’S SAVE A TAPE PROGRAM continues. Deposit receipts in church vestibule. Please use Redner’s Pump Rewards/Save a Tape Card.














Our church follows the Julian (Old) Calendar. All Orthodox Christians are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Blessed Sacraments of Repentance and Eucharist.
  See the bulletin tab for all liturgical information regarding feasts and commemorations.









BUCKS-FOR-A-BAG: Please continue your support for the purchase of potatoes for the pyrohonya.  ($15 donation buys a 50 lb bag)

PENNIES FOR PYROHY:  Check your pockets, piggy banks, between sofa cushions… donate your extra cash, any amount is appreciated. Contributions will help with expenses. Checks and paper money also accepted!


We Thank the Youngsters
of the parish who collected $287.01 during Great Lent for OCMC with their coin boxes. And to those altar servers who selflessly gave their Pascha donations to the OCMC as well.

Summer Coffee Hour… will be conducted by the Sr. UOL Chapter. Members, please sign up.


$7.00/dozen. Please call Helen Crayosky at (610) 261-4575 with your order by the weekend prior. Leave a message with your name, quantity (by the dozen) and phone number. Pickup is between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Cash or check payable to: Sisterhood of Faith, Hope and Love.

Please note: Volunteers needed for: peeling – Tuesday at 4:00 PM; pinching & cleanup Thursdays.





Unto our High School Graduates Tyler Pavlinsky, Allison Pypiuk and Rachel Keslosky. May the Lord grant them health, happiness and pursuit of all good things in their future lives.