Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
1301 Newport Avenue, Northampton, PA
Parish Organizations
69th Annual UOL Convention July, 2017
69th Annual UOL Convention July, 2017
69th Annual UOL Convention July, 2017

The Parish Council is the governing body of our parish.  This group of 14 men and women oversee the physical and financial operation of our church.  Our Parish Choir gathers to sing liturgical responses in English and Ukrainian for many of our services.  Their highest achievement to date may have been when the Divine Liturgy was recorded in both languages with copies being sold to the general public.  (Listen to the recordings in English and Ukrainian on this website!)
The Sisterhood of Faith, Hope, and Love was formally organized in 1928.  Special recognition must be given to the women for their financial and moral support during the depression years, without which the parish would have been unable to meet its financial obligations.  Moral and financial support of the Sisterhood continues in every branch of parish life.  Operating within the Sisterhood is the Pierogi Organization.  This dedicated group of men and women gather bi-weekly, with the exception of the summer months, to make one of the favorite Ukrainian foods.  Sales of these pierogies to the public generate major funds for our parish.

The Ukrainian Orthodox League is another active group in the church. They periodically hold spiritually based, social, and fund raising events for the people of the parish.  Nationally, our chapter has been very active - several members have held national UOL board offices.  The 35th, 58th, and 68th Annual UOL Conventions were hosted by our chapter in 1982, 2005, and 2015.  Our local chapter has been recognized for its accomplishments by having were awarded the National UOL Chapter Achievement Award in 1983, 2006, and 2015. The Senior UOL assisted in organizing the Junior UOL members and continues to guide them until they are old enough to enter the Senior group.  The Juniors operate a coffee hour every Sunday after church and hold various other events that raise money for our parish as well as other causes.  Many of the boys associated with the Juniors participate as Altar Servers.  Their assistance to the clergy is an important part of most religious services.

Our smallest organization, at least in stature, may be one of the most important in our parish - our Sunday School.  The school is attended by school-age children and convenes to provide religious education every Sunday except for the summer months.   A somewhat larger-statured group also meets to discuss religious topics - our Adult Education & Bible Study group.